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This campaign's platform will be built on issues.

There are many issues facing our state. As this campaign moves forward, I invite anyone who wants to have their voice represented to reach out to me using the CONTACT form on this site. I will be establishing working groups to examine many of these issues and discover ways that we can actually address them in order to make a difference in the everyday lives of South Carolinians.

With input from citizens of South Carolina, we will develop a People's Platform that proposes solutions, and as Governor I will implement them. I believe we can accomplish the following by working together:
  • Healthcare: Ensuring access to health insurance that will include the working poor of South Carolina, including the immediate expansion of Medicaid under the ACA.
  • Gun Violence: Reducing gun violence, including improvements to the background check system already in place.
  • Domestic Violence: Reducing the level of domestic violence and supporting and protecting those affected by it.
  • Hate Crime: Establishing hate crime legislation that will allow law enforcement agencies to better protect the safety of all South Carolinians.
  • Justice Reforms: Enacting criminal justice reforms that will end the mass incarceration of the poor. 
  • Environmental Protection: Creating environmental protections that will ensure clean coasts, safe water and combat global warming.
  • Income Equality: Finding solutions to resolve income equality and establish living wages for all of our citizens.
  • Immigration: Providing immigration rights to all who choose to work and live in South Carolina.
  • Equal Rights: Ensuring equal rights to every citizen of our state, regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • Education: Providing affordable education opportunities to anyone who wants them.

Use the CONTACT link on this site if you want to become involved in developing the South Carolina People's Platform to address these issues.

Also, use the GET UPDATES link on this site to sign up for updates as we proceed forward together.

Campaign to Elect Gary Votour
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