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This campaign's platform is built on issues.

There are many issues facing our state. I believe we can accomplish the following by working together:

Healthcare: We must ensure equal access to health insurance that will include the working poor. This includes the immediate expansion of Medicaid under the ACA, improving access to healthcare in rural areas and lowering the cost of health insurance for all South Carolinians. (See below for more)

Living Wages: We must establish a living wage that let's people live.  This includes not just creating a state minimum wage of at least $15 per hour, but also creating a mechanism that updates it annually based on the actual cost of living. (See below for more)

Unions: We must allow the people of our state to decide for themselves whether or not they want to form Unions and use the power of collective bargaining to improve their working conditions and ensure their rights. This includes repealing the so called "Right to Work" laws that effectively prevent Unions from  being created. (See below for more)

Public Health: For nearly two years, our state has grappled with the Covid-19 pandemic that has taken 14,000 lives and made countless others ill for months on end. We need to have a Public Health Policy in place that will deal with this issue that is based in actual science, not political opinions. (See below for more)

Abortion Rights: We must protect the rights of women and others to have safe access to abortion services without the intrusion of the government into their personal health care decisions. Despite the overturn of Roe by the US Supreme Court, no state government has the right to pass laws that impact this right. If elected, I will fight to rescind any laws that impede abortion rights. As long as abortions are outlawed in our State, I will use all of the resources available to me as Governor to help people have access to safe abortions, including providing free transportation to people in need of these services who are forced to travel to other states.

Gun Violence: We must take steps to reduce gun violence and the devastation this is causing in our communities. This includes improvements to the background check system already in place and advocating for a ban on high capacity weapons.

Domestic Violence: We must reduce the level of domestic violence and supporting those affected by it. This includes not only increasing public awareness about this issue but also establishing a safety net for victims that includes counseling, housing, and when needed appropriate intervention by authorities.

Hate Crime: We must establish and enforce hate crime legislation that will allow law enforcement agencies to better protect the safety of everyone. 

Justice Reforms: We must enact criminal justice reforms that will end the mass incarceration of the poor but also re-examine how existing laws are used to discriminate based on race, ethnicity, and sexual identity. This extends far beyond the legalization of marijuana and includes the function of law enforcement in our society.

Environmental Protection: We must creating environmental protections that will ensure clean coasts, safe water and combat global warming. Existing regulations can not continue to be ignored and must be fully enforced. Investing in green technologies that safeguard our environment must become a statewide priority.

Immigration: We must strengthen the rights of all who choose to work and live in South Carolina, regardless of nationality or citizenship status. This includes establishing a work permit program in our state to allow seasonal workers to earn competitive wages and have equal employment rights. 

Equal Rights: We must ensure equal rights to every citizen of our state, regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. This includes equal representation in employment and access to government services.

Education: We must provide affordable education opportunities to anyone who wants them. This includes fully funding all public schools equally and making community college more affordable for lower income families. 

Health Care: Medicaid

A central issue for this campaign is healthcare.

As Governor of South Carolina, I will expand Medicaid under the ACA on the first day of my term if elected. 

 It is also vitally important that we address rural health care access, remove existing barriers to accessing health care, and lower the cost of health care for everyone. This detailed position statement explains the how and why of the health care policy I will implement as Governor of our state.

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Worker's Rights: Unions

Worker's Rights: Unions

As Governor, I will fight to protect the rights of all workers in our state.

  I believe the Right to Work law in our state should be amended or rescinded to allow employees to collectively decide if they want to join together in creating unions that would protect their rights. As Governor of South Carolina, I will unequivocally support the rights of workers to form Unions that represent them. It's past time we let the power of collective bargaining and union representation be allowed for everyone in SC.

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Worker's Rights: A Living Wage

As Governor, I will demand that the SC General Assembly pass a minimum wage law. I support a living wage of at least $15 per hour.

Our society has a huge wage gap based on race. This must change, and increasing the minimum wage for ALL South Carolinians will help close the gap. It will also lift people out of poverty, reducing the need for public assistance programs that tax payers now fund.

 I will oppose tax breaks for any business in South Carolina that does not pay a living wage and create full time jobs with employer funded health insurance. It is important that these incentives to businesses to create jobs here in our state be used to create decent jobs.

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Public Health: Covid-19

For nearly two years, our state has grappled with the Covid-19 pandemic that has taken 14,000 lives and made countless others ill for months on end.

 Although Covid-19 rates seem to be finally decreasing, we have to realize that Covid-19 may be with us for years to come, and that future variants could be even more severe and spread even easier. We must have a Public Health Policy in place that will deal with this issue that is based in actual science, not political opinions. We must look at how our State's responses impacted people's lives and livelihood and ensure we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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