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This is the campaign page for
Gary Votour and Harold Geddings.

With decades of experience between us in SC politics and activism, we are proud to be  representing the SC Labor Party on this November's ballot to be the next Governor and Lt. Governor of South Carolina.

As candidates, we pledge to defend the Rights of the People of South Carolina.

This includes:

  • The Right to earn a Living Wage of at least $15/hour, including annual cost of living increases. It's time for our state to adopt a minimum wage law that lets people thrive, not just barely survive.
  • The Right to decide to form and join Unions in our workplaces. It's time to repeal the misnamed "Right to Work" laws that give employers control of their employees lives.
  • The Right to have equal access to quality health care. This not only includes expanding Medicaid under the ACA to cover hundreds of thousands of our working poor, but also to increase access to health care in the rural areas of our state.
  • The Right to make personal health care decisions, including abortion, in complete privacy and without interference by the government. 

You can read detailed statements regarding these and many other issues here or by clicking on the Issues link at the top of this page.

You can make a secure campaign contribution here or by clicking on the Contribute link at the top of this page.





Campaign to Elect Gary Votour
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