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Help elect Gary Votour as SC Governor in 2022!
Donate $22 today:

 Greetings! I'm Gary Votour and I'm running for Governor of South Carolina. I'm a health care advocate and progressive activist who stands for social justice.

I have a plan to not only to expand Medicaid but also to lower the cost and improve the quality of health care for all South Carolinians. I also stand for increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour for everyone, ensuring equal rights for everyone, legalizing marijuana for everyone, and criminal justice reforms that benefit everyone.

I'm not being backed by pro-business PACS, so I'm looking for your help to win the Democrat primary for Governor. Click on the act blue link above and donate $22 to help me win in 2022, and together we can make South Carolina a state that cares about everyone!




I'm Gary Votour and I approve this message

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